Next Giveaway: December 11th, 2020

1,000,000+ AXION


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Yup.. That’s Right! On December 11, 2020…

We’re giving away OVER 1,000,000+ Axion!

… and every Friday after that for a year!

We’re setting up 53 individual Axion stakes of 1,000,000 each.

Every 7 days, starting on December 11th, we’ll give away a new expiring stake.  (principle + interest)

There’s absolutely no purchase necessary, or crazy steps to enter.

The only thing you’ll need is a Meta Mask wallet, and some ETH for gas fees.

We’ll give you all the details soon, but if you’re interested, please join the waiting list on this page.

We still have some work to do setting up everything, but we’ll keep you updated!

p.s.  Mark your calendars for Dec 11, 2020 … don’t miss your chance to win the first, of 52 expiring Axion stakes!  We’re looking forward to starting this giveaway soon!

Good Luck!


Token Distribution
Token Features

A Global Currency, Designed to Serve the People

AXION Features

With a high-interest time-locked savings account, participants in the Axion Network are rewarded daily. Put some Axion in a time-locked savings, and enjoy life, living off the interest!

Better Staking

Axion inflation rate is 8% per year. All tokens purchased through buybacks are distributed directly to stakers. This will increase the staking rewards dramatically. 100% of inflation is paid out to stakers, and stakers earn proportional to their stake.

Daily Auctions

Every day, users can bid ETH into the daily Auction Pool to purchase Axion. How much Axion they earn is directly proportional to how much they put in compared to the rest of the pool. If you put in 10% of the ETH for that day, you earn 10% of the Axion in the pool

Minimum Auction Bid

Minimum Auction Bid is a Daily Auction price protection mechanic that restricts too much Axion from being distributed through daily auctions for a comparatively low amount of ETH. Initial minimum bid = (7 day average price of AXION before mainnet launches) – 10%

Free Claims for Hex Holders

While Hex may have been the first mover in this specific application, we saw that there was inequality in the Hex system in regards to both the staking rewards and the ETH auctions. In the interest of transparency and community-centric ideals, our system fixes the problems we have identified and puts the community above all else.

Token Features